Hermes Sale Let Down

September 22, 2011 by Lila Delilah

The Hermes sale officially starts on Thursday but today press and VIP’s were given early entry and access to the best selection of merchandise. As usual, we sent in our top spies, but they were unexpectedly disappointed. As a matter of fact, we are told that the entire experience was a let down.

“It was horrible,” said our Hermes sale veteran. It wasn’t just the merchandise or the prices that were a disappointment but our spies were disturbed by their entire experience. “First they were not letting anyone in at all. After waiting and witnessing horrible behavior from shoppers — line cutting and nasty arguing — we were let into the sale. There were only about 20 shoppers inside the sale but they still made people wait outside.”

The sale went down hill from there. There were virtually NO BAGS. The only exception was a “hanous” Garden Party that was an irregular shape. There was only one small box of gloves and just a few belt straps with no buckles. The sale contains NO SCARVES and ties are marked $111 from a retail of $185. Crystal glasses started at $300 and up. “Pathetic.”

So what can shoppers expect to find if they do decide to brave the sale? There are shoes and there is jewelry. Shoes are marked about 40% off and most jewelry items are 50% off. Sounds decent, right? Well it’s not.

Our spies say that most of the merchandise appears to have been marked up for the sale. “On most items there were three stickers. If you peel them away you see that the shoes were marked down lower than they are selling them for at the sale.”

H sandals range in price from $220 to $340. The stranger the color, the cheaper the shoe. Most other shoes are priced at about $500 and boots are about $1100. The sale also had lots of enamel bracelets but no Clic Clacs. There is also a limit of two jewelry items per-person. Strangely enough, a lock is considered a piece of jewelry.

Our spies are giving this sale two thumbs down. Between the marked up prices and the shoppers who acted like WWF contestants “it’s just not worth it!”

Hermes Sample Sale
Thursday, September 22 to Saturday, September 24
Thur. 9am to 8pm, Fri & Sat 9am to 6pm
Soiffer Haskin
317 W. 33rd St, btwn 8th and 9th Ave.

Photo Credit: Mizhattan


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