Fashion Week: Rebecca Taylor

September 10, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By: TJ Kennedy

The vibe at Rebecca Taylor was edgy and ethereal with floral dresses, sheer tops, and lots of sparkle. Sequined tanks and sweaters paired with knee length skirts and loose fit trousers streamed the runway in blues, yellows, and neutrals. Let’s not forget those metallic hoodies; an ideal piece for April showers.

Standout Trend: Color blocked shoes with leopard heels to spice up your feminine side.

How to get the look: Slicked back hair and clean faced makeup is an ideal warm weather style; once the hair is done, it stays out of your face and the makeup is minimal.
After you get out of the shower, comb hair thoroughly and blow dry it about 75%.
Then, rub some gel in your palms and slick back your hair behind your ears from the front to the ends.
Comb it back with a fine tooth comb and spray in place.
For a daring night look, wear a dark gray or blue shadow all the way up to the brows with nude lipstick and no mascara. Effortless runway drama made easy.

Who makes it work: The urban girl, with a soft, classic style who only dares to go so far as mixing materials. Sure, she’ll wear a backless top, but only if it’s beige.


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