Fashion Week: Nicole Miller

September 10, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Way back when, Nicole Miller used to be known for her funky patterned prints. For spring 2012, Nicole dug into her archives and rehashed some of those old designs and updated them with a modern twist. Below you will see a Nicole Miller print bag from the 90s in contrasted with a print shown on the runway today. Now, I’m regretting giving away the matching shoes…

Standout Trend: Bold and bright prints. Architectural designs accented by slashes of bright color.

How to get the look: When wearing bold or bight colors it’s best to keep your skin and hair looking natural and light. Use neutral colors on your lips and eyes. To get the natural look for your hair, after showering, comb hair thoroughly and blow-dry it about 75%. Then, rub a bit of gel in your palms. Work the gel into your hair and finish drying. Once your done add a bit of serum for extra shine.

Who makes it work: A bad girl with a love of 90s florescent


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