Fashion Week: Honor

September 11, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By TJ Kennedy

The Honor show proved to embody an understated elegance through the use of delicate materials, soft pastel colors and classic feminine tailoring. Designer, Giovanna Randall, used a-line skirts, bright pantsuits and flat shoes to create a look that was both refreshing and playful.

Standout trend: Effortlessly chic short jumpsuits that button up to an exaggerated collar; A perfect play on cool-chick androgyny when paired with lace-up Oxford flats.

How to get the look: Part your hair far over to one side and carefully sweep it over one ear. Pull the other side tight and fasten a loose, low ponytail. Spray to keep in place. Keep a clean face for an easy look, only adding lower lid eyeliner and tons of mascara, emphasizing the lower lashes. Use a pink matte lipstick to enhance the natural color of the lips.

Who makes it work: Off-duty models and waspy working girls who like to keep things simple and chic.

Photo credit: Fashionology


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