Discount Missoni, Beyond Target

September 26, 2011 by Hayley Corwick

By: ManhattanMataHari

Do not despair if you missed out on the chaos that was the Missoni for Target launch. There are plenty of places in Manhattan to get your discount Missoni fix without sacrificing on the quality from the bonafide items. We have put together a list of the best places to go for discounted Missoni. We know that the prices still aren’t as low as the Target collab but the headaches are much less too.

Filene’s Basement @ Union Square
40 East 14th Street, New York

The Filene’s Basement, in Union Square, is stocked with racks of the Italian designer’s original Missoni line in both the women’s and men’s sections. Prices range from $80 to $700. Finely woven wool blazers and elegantly tailored jackets are the more pricey items. The most wanted items, knit sweaters are $360. Lightweight silk print tops and sweaters are a bit more budget friendly at $300. We also spotted a few embellished and woven Missoni gowns in “The Vault” for $600. For the fashionista on a budget, we found it hard to resist the $40 socks and woven Missoni hosiery, including $80 thigh-high socks perfect for wearing under boots with a skirt.

Keep in mind that these prices are just temporary. Filene’s tends to mark down items very quickly. Before you know it the collection will be an extra 75% off and that Missoni coat and gown will be just $150.

TJ Maxx Columbus Square
808 Columbus Ave @99th Street

At the farthest most uptown TJ Maxx, we spied enough M by Missoni to make you mind zig-zag. Most dresses that incorporated the iconic knit were priced at $230 (retail $460) and long cardigans were $200 (retail $400+). We suggest opting for the dresses that are part-knit and part-print so that your new purchase will never be confused with a mega-store collab.

Century 21
Broadway and West 66th Street

Last week we scouted out the new Century 21 on the Upper West Side and found plenty of the Italian company’s playful prints for discounted prices. Silk scarves ranged in price from $40 to $120 and large wool scarves were between $180 and $100. Shoes were $300 and rainboots were just $120.

181 Madison at 34st Street
Rainer: 212-685-0095

If your mouth watered from the Missoni home collection, at Target,, you may want to head over to DDC. The design store is having their biannual Missoni Home sale and current floor stock is discounted 15% to 30%. Although the discount isn’t large, the quality and array of items are sublime. Signature bath towels are $236. Woven throws originally priced between $455 and $850 are now 15% off. Plenty of throw pillows, which retail between $200 to $400, are 30% off. Small ottomans in an array of sizes and prints start at $615 but are also 30% off. Larger versions are over $1000 and only marked down 15%. Unfortunately, bedding is not included in the sale but designers can get a 15% discount on all custom orders, all the time. This sale ends Oct. 31.

Milan Luxury

482 Broome St
Francesca: 212-228-6651
If DDC’s prices seem a bit too high we suggest trying your luck at Milan Luxury. The inventory is currently a bit low but the store continues to get more items. Duvet/sheet sets are $389, pillowcases range from $89 to $118, small bath towels run from $39 to $79 and large towels are $130.

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