Dreams of Gold

August 16, 2011 by Lila Delilah

In recent weeks, investors have flocked to gold to hedge against the market’s volatility. But you don’t have to have a background in high finance or flash trading technology to benefit from gold nearing $1800 an ounce.

Divorce Your Jewels’, Missy Schorr says that her gold business is booming. A recent customer recently liquidated his gold collection that he had been accumulating for over 10-years. He would buy all types of gold chain and odds and ends from eBay, yard sales and flea markets.

The man, who is a litigator by day, brought Missy several bags of the precious metal. She tested it all piece-by-piece for authenticity and weighted the bounty, which she describes looking like a rapper’s rope chain ransom. The end result was a six-figure check paid to the order of the litigator.

How is he going to spend the money? It’s anyone’s speculation. Now is the perfect time to collect your unused gold and call Missy to cash it in for your next big purchase. On the flip side, the Divorce Your Jewels store has an array of designer watches that are mint condition. Some pieces retailed for over $28,000 but are reduced to about $7,000. Now that’s a discount we like!


Missy Schorr


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