Christian Siriano Sample Sale

July 29, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By: ManhattanMataHari

Fans of Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano will be thrilled to learn that the reality show designer is hosting his first sample sale. The one-day sale serves up fiercely fashionable pieces at a fraction of the retail price.

We went to the sale early today to preview the merchandise and found the best deals on Christian Siriano’s sample rack. Chiffon tops started at $40 and dresses were $65. On the racks of Siriano’s ready-to-wear, we found wool-cashmere blend coats for $400 and textured silk skirts for $150. There were a number of cute cocktail dresses with ruffles and draping details for $375. The pricing for separates pricing for pants ($150), blouses ($200) and jackets ($275) may be hard to justify since most of the designs aren’t exactly practical for everyday wear.

In addition to Siriano’s closeouts, the sale includes samples and overstock from designers Lyn Devon and Karolina Zmarlak. At the time we previewed the sale, Zmarlak had not set up her fashion but we did find a lot of great deals from Devon.

We spotted a number of Lyn’s pieces from the spring 2011 collection and samples from her current (or not yet in stores) fall 2011 collection. Our picks were a lovely burgundy leather skirt for $125, classic lightweight knits (in black, green, blue, and pink) made of Loro Piana fabric for $75 and the “Ella” dresses in a variety of fabrics for $275. Lyn’s dresses normally run about $1000 at department stores, so we are going to consider $275 a great bargain.

Christian Siriano, Lyn Devon and Karolina Zmarlak Sample Sale
Friday, July 29th
8am to 6pm
463 Broome St near Greene and Mercer Sts, suite 1B (downstairs)


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