Jewelry Matchmaker Extraordinaire

June 7, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Throughout life, there are all different types of matchmakers. There are those who help you find the perfect apartment, others who set you up with your dream mate and then there’s Missy, who assists in finding a new home for your unused jewels. is a full service company with the ability to bring joy to all parties. If there’s a diamond not being utilized Missy will find the perfect match. Have old gold jewelry laying around? Missy will buy what you have for cash so that you can get what you want. Own presious antique jewels of unknown value? Missy can match those too.

Authentic Chopard Floating Diamond Love Ring

With a network of matches already formed, Missy is able to offer her clients the best deals and highest value for their jewels. If you’re not in the market to sell, you can always browse the online store. Missy always has a revolving cast of wonderfully discounted jewels looking for their perfect match.
Missy Schorr

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