Bleecker Street Sale Briefing

June 16, 2011 by Hayley Corwick
By: TJ Kennedy
Sometimes getting out of your own neighborhood is enough of a scenary change to feel like a vacation. This week, we decieded to take a break from our Madison Avenue adventures and head down to browse the best of Bleecker Street.

We begin our West Village journey at the ever-edgy Zadig & Voltaire where almost every item in the store is 30% to 50% off. Cut out tees like the white skull piece Erin Wasson donned in the spring campaign, along with backless jersey tanks are 30% off. While this still leaves them going for around $100, these are the types of basics that are so much more than basic.

Denim jeans were 40% off a retail price of $250, while most spring dresses were 50% off and range in price from $500 to $600. Most of the leather bags with zipper detail were discounted 40%. Spring kids clothes fit for rock star babies are all marked down 30%.

We reported about the Mulberry presale but figured we would check out the official markdown. We found a plentiful assortment of merchandise, for now. The classic Tilly bag in a variety of spring colors and textures are 50% off, while most of the other bags are marked down 30% to 40%. Even year round, black leather goods are included in the sale. Wallets, key chains and jewelry are 30% off and the case was full of options. Be sure to grab an over sized pink beach bag while you’re there– at 50% off, it’s a real steal.

Burberry has three racks full of sale items marked down 30%. There were several windbreaker style jackets down to $550 from $795 along with chunky sweaters and button ups. The few dresses were priced at $420 and spring jeans are at $179 from $250. Unfortunately, there is only one style brown leather jacket, one pair of buckled ankle boots and one over sized plaid bag offered on sale. But hey, the store next door has Burberry men’s marked down and Father’s Day is just around the corner.

The sale at Intermix ranges from 30 to 50% off. There were plenty of bright colored jeans and bohemian skirts along with nautical striped and crochet tops. Tanks that were $160 were down to $89 and most jeans ranged from $129 to $159.

Spring blazers in neutral colors were $300 to $400 depending on the designer. For those brave enough to don Herve Leger band aid dresses, there were a few styles discounted from $1,595 to $995.

Now if only they would hurry up and open the Jimmy Choo boutique on Bleeker! We’ve all been waiting patiently…


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