Nancy Gonzalez Sample Sale

May 2, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By: TJ Kennedy

The Nancy Gonzalez sample sale is always popular with the uptown crowed. After all, it’s the perfect supplement to a birthday lunch at Atlantic Grill.

For the uninitiated, Nancy Gonzalez is best known for her exotic skin handbags and accessories. The current sample sale features a plethora sizes, styles and hues. There is only one bag of each particular style or one of each color but sheer quantity of bags won’t be disappointing.

Prices are still relatively high for a sample sale, but it’s only the first day. Clutches that currently retail from $850 to $1450 at Saks and Bergdorf Goodman are marked at $750. Small bags are $1000, while mediums are $1250 and large are $1450. Whether the bag of your dreams is actually considered a small or a medium size is up to the sample sale organizer’s discretion.

The exact large crocodile hobo that is on the Saks website for $3650 is at the sale in a tan color for $1700. A hobo is considered “extra large” and therefore priced higher, but hey, that’s still more than half the price of Saks.

The mixed material bags, those not completely crocodile, are marked down to $800. These styles, however, are not commonly featured in the high-end department stores. All of the imported luxury bags are lined with a durable suede-like material and most have magnetic clasps.

If you’ve yet to add an exotic skin handbag to your collection, now is your chance to score one from the queen of exotic’s herself for a fraction of the price. Next up, a birthday lunch at Atlantic Grill.

Nancy Gonzalez Sale
Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3
Mon 10am to 7pm and Tues 10am to 3pm
Flatotel: 135 West 52nd Street (5th Floor)


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