Comme des Garcons Prices Slashed

May 9, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By: TJ Kennedy

Word has certainly gotten out about the Comme des Garcons midtown sale, and everyone from New Jersey to Queens (along with their mothers) were willing to wait in line. After over an hour waiting, we finally got into the sale and were not surprised to find that there wasn’t a whole lot of merchandise left and people were relentlessly scrambling for the remaining cool pieces.

The good news is that many prices have been cut in half! A pair of shoes that were marked at $300 Friday is now down to $150, as are most of the remaining shoes in limited sizes. All sneakers are only $50, but shoe selections were running low (we’re talking 1 or two pairs left), especially popular styles and sizes.

As far as clothes go, there were only one or two of each style and mostly eccentric, out-there pieces were left; tons of plaid, sequins, and prints. Although prices were more affordable than usual for these vintage pieces, they were still pretty steep. Skirts, jeans, and sweaters were around $100, while tailored jackets and blazers ranged from $200 to $500 depending on style and material.

There wasn’t much for less than $100 besides the remaining vinyl bags and t-shirts and a few men’s collared shirts. Men’s button downs and slacks were just over $100 and selections were plentiful. If you can get your man to wait through the long lines for a day of shopping, it may be well worth revamping his wardrobe. Same goes for those who have yet to attend the sale; tomorrow is the last day and if you’ve got the time, and missed your Sunday worship, visit the church of fashion for this iconic sale celebrating a decade of Japanese design genius.

Comme des Garçons Sale
Monday, May 9th
Mon 10am to 7pm
The Croatian Church, 504 West 41st Street (@ 11th Ave)
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