Bottega Veneta Private Sale

May 31, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Bottega Veneta is hosting a two day private sale that will run on June 1 and June 2nd. Shoes and ready-to-wear will be 50% off while select bags will be discounted 30%. The sale opens to the pubic on June 3 but bags will not be included.

This private sale is only available to prior customers of the boutique. So don’t be surprised if sales associates plays coy when you inquire about the markdown. As a rule of thumb, it always helps to establish a relathionship with a sales person.

As an alternitive, we suggest contacting the Bottega Veneta outlet at Woodbury Common. Bags there are usually discounted 30% to 50% off and the sales people are always helpful and accomidating.

Angeline: 212-371-5511
Woodbury Common845-928-4563


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