Stella Kids Great for Adults Too

April 18, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By: TJ Kennedy

When it comes to children’s wear, Stella McCartney has got all the spring essentials. The prices on her laid-back chic looks can sometimes be a bit of a shopping deterrent. In past seasons, the famed designer collaborated with Gap to make a children’s line that was just as chic as her marquee brand. The best part was that the larger sized kid’s clothing could still fit a slender or petite adult.

Stella has since given up her relationship with Gap and has gone solo in the kid’s apparel business. As a matter of fact, the center section of her chic Meatpacking boutique is designated to her Kids Stella line. The collection is a rainbow of color amongst the mostly neutral women’s wear.

Pony printed tees and floral tanks for girls up to age 4, all around $38, pair perfectly with the coral colored jeans priced at $82. Mini skirts and denim shorts fit for a pint-sized princess retail for $62. Other spring trends for tots are colored striped dresses and rompers in baby sizes as well as four-year-old sizes. While it’s still a bit chilly out, striped sweaters for boys and girls, from baby sizes to 10 years old, are priced at $88. Blue and red plaid ponchos are $118 and the adorable yellow matching rain boots are only $47.

So how do these budget friendly and stylish items translate to a full grown body? Unfortunately, the dresses and pants will not work. Instead try your luck with the floral tanks, lightweight cardigans and ponchos in size 10. The cardigans were only $63 and came in neutral grey tones while the floral tanks came in red and blue. The Stella kid’s collection also has a great military inspired jacket that comes in a size 12, which is just $189. Pair the jacket with jeans and some imaginative accessories and the potential is limitless.

As far as clothes for boys go, the selection is much more limited. Some of the pieces are fit for both genders, but let’s face it, little girl clothes are just more fun! Now if only the big girl clothes at Stella had the same low prices.


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