Prices Cut at Jil Sander Sample Sale

April 29, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By: TJ Kennedy

The now famous Jil Sander sample sale ends this Saturday and we knew that if we held out long enough we would be able to benefit from even better discounts than before. The early bird may catch the worm but the late shopper usually gets better prices.

Shoppers can now find long sleeves and tees that usually start at $195 for 90% off, up from 80% last week. Similarly, travel-ready cardigans (that even come in a little Jil Sander zip pouch) retail from $995 to $1275 are also now 90% off. Possibly the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Other basics include cream-colored blazers and jackets that retail for $1,275 and are still 80% off along with a plentiful assortment of jeans and black trousers that have been further reduced to 90% off $895.

All of the dresses left are dark colors, some wool plaid, some deep velvet, and all retailing for upwards of $2,000. There are lots of knee length skirts that retail for $895. The markdown on these items have stayed steady at 80%. (It’s never too late — or early– to shop for fall.)

The shoe selection is still pretty decent, although most of the styles left are bold, to say the least. Classic pumps and ballet flats are the most picked over. There are a few pairs of purple pony hair ankle boots along with some navy sequin peep toes with all sizes but 38 & 39 left. Some of the less popular styles of pumps and wedges have more sizes to offer and at 80% off, it’s worth a look.

The bag inventory is a bit disappointing. While there are plenty of them left, they are all the same style of cut out leather in navy and cream. The same holds true with the bathing suit selection. Unfortunately there are only a handful of bathing suits left, in orange and blue, and mostly in size large.

As far as menswear goes, there are a few pairs of loafers and man-dals, along with an assortment of jackets. The pants are lacking and there is only one blue and with pinstripe style dress shirt left, although in every size.

It’s worth stopping by for great deals on luxury basics, but don’t expect to be blown away. You have to admit though, any selection of Jil Sander at 90% off is many times better than Uniqlo.

Jil Sander Sample Sale
Through Saturday, April 30
10am to 6pm
8 Crosby St (btwn Howard and Grand Sts), 4th fl


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