Where to Get Hermés Bags NOW!

March 24, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Madison Avenue Spy is very excited to introduce our newest contributing spy, “TJ Kennedy.” TJ Kennedy is a college student with a keen eye for style and passion for a good deal. She admits to being obsessed and consumed with the fashion industry for as long as she could remember and she continues to draw from the excitement daily. “There is always something new to discover here, new shops to find and great deals to share,” she says.

Please give TJ Kennedy a warm Madison Avenue welcome and that doesn’t mean the cold shoulder!

Hermés fans are unanimously disappointed with this season’s sample sale but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost if you’re counting on snagging a Birkin or Kelly bag now. While Hermés fans were waiting in the sleet for hours, we did some investigating and found that the most impressive Hermés selection can be found at the consignment store, Fisch for the Hip.

The Chelsea store is continuously stocked with at least 15 to 20 Birkin bags, which are available in wide array of colors and sizes. This is undeniably the ultimate Hermés hookup! Fitch from the Hip may not offer significant discounts but instead caters to the customer who wants her bag now.

For this reason, most bags range from 30-40 cm (35cm being the most popular) and are priced about $10,000. All colors are the same price too. So whether you’re craving classic black, sultry red, or forest green, they’ve got you covered. Some bags are even brand new with plastic still covering the hardware.

If you’re feeling extra extravagant, they even have a couple of exotic crocodile bags for a cool $42,000. If they don’t have the exact object you long for, the store will do their best to satisfy your Hermés desire through their personal Hermés network of dealers.

More of a Kelly bag type of girl? These bags range in price from $5,000 to $7,000, depending on if it’s new or vintage. There are currently five available– mostly in dark colors, like deep red. Other small leather goods were also available along with three watches and a few enamel bracelets starting at $300 each. Of course, you can’t have an Hermés outpost without an assortment of signature scarves, which sell for $200 to $300 along with some men’s ties. (Remember, the scarves at the Hermés sale are $250!) There is even a blue plaid Hermés dog coat fit for a princess Toy Poodle.

In our opinion, the Hermes experience doesn’t include standing in the freezing rain, snow and sleet for hours. If you’re looking for a fast Hermés fix, skip the sample sale and head to Fisch for the Hip!

Fisch for the Hip
Open Mon-Sat 12pm-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm
153 W. 18th St #1 between Sixth and Seventh Avenues


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