The Big Score

March 24, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Sometimes shopping is a game, while other times it’s a sport. The new online penny auction, brings the two together. brings out the fieriness in shoppers by making some of the hottest goods on the luxury market available at a fraction of their retail price.

For instance, just yesterday, the website auctioned off an iPad2 for just 90-cents! Could you imagine? To purchase an iPad2 at full price, you’ll need to wake up at the crack of down and keep your fingers crossed that the stock outlives the line at the Apple Store. Get this, the winner could even select from black or white. Touchdown!

So this is how it works: First you register for free at Next you purchase your desired amount of bids for just 99-cents each. Once you set your eye on an item, you start bidding. Don’t forget to watch the clock and keep bidding. Be the last one to bid when the clock strikes 0:00 and you’re the winner. Grand slam!

This week, is auctioning off a large Louis Vuitton duffle bag and $100 gift cards to Bloomingdales, Saks, Burberry and Restoration Hardware. How nice would it be to walk away with $100 gift card for just pennies? We would say it would feel better than a whole-in-one!

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