Robert Marc Winter Sale

February 21, 2011 by Hayley Corwick

The high end optical store, Robert Marc, has started their winter sale. Handmade corrective glasses and sunglasses for men and women are now up to 50% off.

Robert Marc glasses are both fashionable and high quality. The best part is that there are no obnoxious logos. Faithful customers include, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman and Matt Damon. Prices start at about $400 and work their way up to very expensive. In addition to the house imprint, stores carry hard-to-find brands like Lunor and Retrospecs.

In our case, it’s always when the sale ends that we realize we need new glasses. So if you’re optically challenged, this is truly a good opportunity for eyewear rebanding.

190 Columbus Avenue (between 68 & 69), 212-799-4600
400 Madison Avenue (between 47 & 48), 212-319-2900
551 Madison Avenue (between 55 & 56), 212-319-2000
782 Madison Avenue (between 66 & 67), 212-737-6000
1046 Madison Avenue (between 79 & 80), 212-988-9600
1300 Madison Avenue (between 92 & 93), 212-722-1600
386 Bleecker Street (at Perry), 212-242-6668
436 West Broadway (between Spring & Prince), 212-343-8300


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