Score an iPad and Rare LV iPad Case Now

January 18, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Everyone knows the most essential part of looking great is finding the right accessories. These days, accessories aren’t only limited to shoes and bags but also the right electronics.

Could you imagine sitting in an airport and passing the time with a Motorola Razr phone? What you really need is an iPad and the impossible to find Louis Vitton iPad case. The only thing is that unlike Louboutin and Manolo there are no sample sales or markdowns at Apple stores.

We suggest you check out if you really want to score great items, including the iPad and Vuitton case, for a great price. is an innovative auction site, which allows shoppers to purchase bids and score their dream splurge for fractions of their retail price. We are talking about $500 Chanel gift cards for 24-cents and black platform Louboutins for under $5.

You never have to worry about bidding for items on because they are purchased directly from the retailer, are guaranteed authentic, brand new and are ready to ship. Bids are just 99-cents each and think about how much fun you will have bragging to your friends about your amazing scores.

Right now a brand new 64MG iPad with WiFi+3G is up for auction along with the impossible to get Louis Vuitton iPad case. Talk about traveling in style. With these accessories you might even get away with wearing sweats and sneakers to the airport. Well, maybe not.

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