Retail Therapy: Julie Kalimian

January 21, 2011 by Hayley Corwick

Some of the best items on the runway aren’t those being highlighted by the marquee fashion designer. Sometimes it is a subtle tanning cream or an unbelievable set of lashes. All these little details add polish to the overall fashion and can be priceless in your everyday life.

Last season, we were blown away by the SkinnyShirt. Don’t worry, we are not about to bore you with shapeware. The SkinnyShirt is a sleek collared tank top that can easily be worn under a sweater or paired with slacks without the bulge and bulk of a standard button down shirt.

ShinnyShirt creator, Julie Kalimian is no stranger to high fashion. She moved to Manhattan when she was in her early 20s and snagged a fabulous job at Vanity Fair. As a mother of four (yes, you read correctly), Julie also knows a thing or two about practicality but that doesn’t get in the way of her expressing her fashion personality and her love for fries. Let us know what you think.

What’s your most prized deal?
A black persian lamb belted car coat that I bought for a steal. I think it was $2,500 from $10,000. I have had it almost a decade and it looks as good as it did the day I purchased it. It looks just as fabulous with jeans as it does when I wear it with black wool slacks or a even cocktail dress. It is a timeless classic. I have made some similar amazing purchases on furs for great prices. My secret? Buy in January. If you go to the better department stores they often have incredible discounts on their furs in January. I bought the Persian lamb coat at Saks, but I also purchased a mink lined, sable collared rain coat a few years ago at Bloomindale’s at an 80% discount!

Biggest regret that you didn’t purchase?
A Peter Som cocktail dress that was half price. It was emerald green with jet black beads. I still think about that dress almost a year later. It was a fresh take on a classic.

This season you are looking for…
Enough room to store all the SkinnyShirts I have for everyone on my list! I love fresh takes on classics. SkinnyShirt let’s women look pulled together (classic) while achieving a smoother and slimmer look at the same time. If you love the look of a button-front collared shirt, but hate the bunchiness and bulk when you wear it under your favorite sweater. You must try SkinnyShirt.

What’s your number one shopping tip?
Buy what you love. Do not worry about what you own that matches. If you love it I guarantee there are things in your closet that you are meant to wear it with. I bought an amazing coat at Shanghai Tang. It is in a really luxe silk. The coat is yellow with a hot pink lining and 3/4 length sleeves. I had no idea what it would go with in my closet when I bought it, but I loved it. I wear it with so much. I use it as a topper over a black pencil skirt and a tight black camisole for evening events. I have worn it with white jeans and a white tank in the summer to go to dinner.

What’s your biggest weakness?
Evening wear. It is SO hard to find the perfect evening gown or dress. So, when you see it (whether you have an event in mind or not) buy it!I I attend many formal affairs so, whenever I am shopping I always check out the black tie and cocktail selections. If I find the perfect dress — I have to buy it. Oh, and my other big weakness: FRENCH FRIES. Not the typical french fries, but the kind you get from a really great french bistro like Le Charlot or Bilbouquet. They are skinny and crispy and salty. They are perfect with a salad and a crisp glass of white wine. Mmmm.

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
Shoes and bags. If you invest in a few great shoes and handbags it elevates the rest of what you are wearing. You could be wearing ripped jeans a white t-shirt with an amazing pair of shoes and a great hand bag yet you will still look chic. However, if you wear the same outfit with flip flops and a not so nice bag you no longer look chic, but shabby. Likewise, if you are wearing a simple black skirt and sweater the right shoes and bag can really make that outfit stand out.


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