Leslie Price Joins The High Low

January 12, 2011 by Lila Delilah

When it comes to blogs there is always a bit of nostalgia of the old guard. First there was Elizabeth Spiers who was the founding editor of Gawker. Her voice and tone marked the beginning of an entire generation of snark. Later we fell in love with Ben Leventhal who created SheLovesNY, which later developed into Eater.com. “The Pretentious Little One Pager” was pure genius.

As blogs gained more status, Racked was born with Leslie Price at the helm. We will never forget the adrenaline rush we got from reading the first “Line Blogging” at an Hermes sample sale. It was like listening to Bill White call Bucky Dent’s unlikely home run against the dreaded Red Sox. Last we heard, Leslie was saying good-bye to Lucky. We could swear her next stop was going to be at the helm of French Vogue.

Maybe the idea of a great blogger moving on to the top of a great glossy empire got the best of our imagination. Today, we received a press release announcing that Leslie Price will be heading up The High Low. The site focuses on the business of fashion and how the latest trends in retail fit today’s consumer and marketplace. Check out Leslie’s great article about the pitfalls of Boutiques.com. (Google clearly hired the wrong consultants.)

We will be sure to keep an eye on The High Low. We suggest you do the same. After all, everyone knows that fashion without business brains is like a great Lanvin dress stuck in the Five Towns.


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