J. Crew Final Sale

January 13, 2011 by Lila Delilah

You would be hard pressed to find a company that has had a larger impact on Madison Avenue than J. Crew. First there was the J. Crew Collection boutique, which opened in Fall 2008. Then CrewCuts opened In August 2009 and shopping for kids’ birthday gifts was forever changed.

Most recently, J. Crew Bridal and J. Crew Men’s made their debut on the Avenue. If you live in the neighborhood, chances are that you have shopped in one of these four boutiques. And if you visit them frequently enough, you have come to enjoy the deep discounts and outstanding values.

The J. Crew emporium is currently offering an additional 30% off reduced items. The discount is also available online but prices and product assortments are much better in the boutiques. Our favorite finds are always accessories. A dainty sash, a glittery necklace or a little girl’s headband are an inexpensive way to fight the winter blues.

One secret we’ve uncovered is that the bulk of Crewcuts clearance items are sent to the Prince Street location. We suggest jumping on the 6 if you’re really interested in diving into tot sale racks. We would love to hear your J. Crew shopping secrets. Please feel free to leave pointers in the comment section below.


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