Hermes Madison Gets a Facelift

January 24, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Customers of the flagship Madison Avenue Hermes boutique have been greeted with quite a scare. The widows are covered with butcher paper and the swanky store appears closed to the unsuspecting eye. Fret no more, it’s nothing a Park Avenue plastic surgeon can’t handle. The boutique is open but is simply undergoing a renovation, or a nip and tuck, as we like to say.

The Hermes emporium is open for business except for the main floor, which traditionally contained scarves, ties, perfume and leather jewelry items. These items have been moved to a temporary boutique a few doors north. (Bags, which were also located on the main floor, have been relocated upstairs at the flagship.)

We initially thought that smaller boutique is a way to divert lower ticket items from the main store, but the store for rent sign implies that this location is indeed short-term. In the meantime, customers are packing into the temporary space to the point that there are lines to get in. Yes, my friends, lines to have the opportunity to purchase a full price scarf for $375. Online shopping has never been so attractive.


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