Consolidation Sales: Saks and Neiman Marcus

January 20, 2011 by Lila Delilah

It’s that time a year again! Merchandise from all over the country is being transferred to the metropolitan area for final reductions. At last check, the discount at Saks was 70% off and across the bridge, at Riverside Mall, Neiman Marcus is hosting their Last Call with discounts up to 65% off.

The selections at both stores are quite depleted but we suggest you check back over the next week. We hear that both luxury emporiums are receiving huge shipments from the southern states. That means you can expect to find lots of cashmere Ralph Lauren sweaters and Chanel odds and ends. (Not bags.)

One department store exec said, “We will have TONS of merch all over the store…Maybe not tomorrow morning, but after the snow.” You know what that means…


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