Century 21 Clearance Sale Bombs

January 18, 2011 by Lila Delilah

We recently got an email from Century 21 department stores about their end-of-season markdowns. Usually, this sale is amazing. In past seasons, we spent some time mining through unorganized racks but coming out with some genuine gems.

Unfortunately, our most recent shopping trip was not so fruitful. It wasn’t a surprise that the sale department was a disorganized mess but we were surprised with the vast amount of damaged goods. We found it hard to keep track of the numerous torn, stained and ripped clothing. The worst part of the entire trip, was that it was hard to locate our favorite brands.

Just before we became disillusioned and left, we happened upon one rack near the cashier. We found a powder pink Pucci coat with jeweled embellishments reduced to $425 from $849. The suggested retail value was over $2500. A Jil Sander capulet jacket is $300 from $599, the suggested retail was $1560. A fully sequined Plain Sud sweater just $80 from $230, the suggested retail price was $625. All the above mentioned pieces are great deals but most of the clothing looked like it had seen better days.

The most tragic find was a Lanvin jacket, hiver 2009, for $1300. Not exactly cheap but a reasonable deal if the jacket didn’t look like it was caught in one of those fashion wars that are often the subject of Century 21 advertising campaigns. We suggest that Century 21 stop igniting those fashion fights and start spending time respecting the fashion.


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