YSL Second Markdown

December 29, 2010 by Hayley Corwick

Yves Saint Laurent has taken an additional price cut on the fall and winter collection. The discount is now 50% off. There is a nice selection of bags, shoes and clothing. If you’re snowed in, you can check YSL.com where there are also a few sale items.

We were really interested in snagging one of those bright colored plastic purses, but of course, they didn’t get marked down. Another option is this fabulous leather shoulder bag that was $1595 and is now checking out at $795. Pink Trib sandals are reduced from $760 to $459. We also found a few color variations of the classic muse discounted.

The Gucci and YSL discounts are usually timed pretty close to one another. So we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a double discount on the double-Gs very soon.

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