Pre-Christmas Sales on 5th Ave and Across 57th St

December 21, 2010 by Lila Delilah

We are in the Christmas shopping home stretch. We have briefed you on happenings along Madison Avenue and in our local department stores. Today, we bring you a recapitulation of the markdowns along Fifth Avenue and across 57th Street.

Bottega Veneta: The first markdown started earlier this month. Shoes and clothing are discounted 30% to 40%. (Last year the discount was 50%?!) If you’re trying to find a bag on sale, we suggest you hit a department store our the outlet. The boutique doesn’t mark down bags, at least to mere mortals.
Angeline: 212-371-5511

Dior: No sale. No sale. No Sale. We hear, however, that the Woodbury outlet has received the fall and winter collection and the discount is 30% off. At the same time last year, the discount at the Dior boutique was 40% and 50% off on ready-to-wear.
Jenny: 212-249-5822

Emilio Pucci: There is still a great selection of Pucci sale merchandise. Most clothing, shoes and bags are now 40% off. Unfortunately, ski attire isn’t on sale. If you find an item that isn’t on sale a manager might be able to assist, if you know what I mean.
Marcia: 212 230-1135

Ferragamo: Men’s and women’s shoes, clothing and select bags are 35% off. We hear that inventory is starting to run low. We say wait for after Christmas. Prices here usually get very good towards January/ February.
Sal: 212-759-3822

Miu Miu: The discount on clothes, shoes and bags is just 30%. Last year, the sale was much better at a 50% discount. What’s worse is that there is barely any inventory and there wasn’t even a presale!
Judith 212-249-9660

Norma Kamali: On Wednesday, select items will be marked down up to 85% including swim styles, terry, poly jersey, sleeping bag coats. Camo sleeping bag coat styles will be available at 50% off.

Yves Saint Laurent: The discount is just 30% to 40% off, depending on the item. The 57th Street location still has lots of merchandise. Other boutiques are expected to transfer their merchandise to this NYC flagship, which should translate into super discounts come January/Feb.
Everest 212-980-2970


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