Pre-Christmas Department Store Overview

December 20, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Christmas is just six days away and the ca-ching of cash registers is going strong. Although boutique sales seem to be stronger than past years, it’s the department stores that are truly signing jolly tunes. Unfortunately, a retailer’s cheer is often associated with the discount shoppers lament.

This season, we are seeing slower markdowns and less items on the discount list. Have no fear, there are still sales from which to take advantage. Here is a rundown of the current department store landscape. We will be sure to update you as sale news occurs.

Barneys: A second markdown started just this week. Many designer items are now 60% off regular prices. Prices online still seem to be stuck at 40% off. As usual, we suggest shopping in person or calling the store to get the best deal.

Bergdorf Goodman: The discount is still just 30% off. Historically, Bergdorf’s is the last and slowest to markdown their merchandise. The upshot is that they have the most inventory at the tail of the season. We will keep our eyes open as prices get adjusted.

Bloomingdales: It seems as if Bloomingdales is always running a sale. Keeping up with all the discounts is sometimes the most difficult part. Bloomies took their first markdown around Thanksgiving and has been adding extra incentives since. Sale items and clearance are now an additional 40% off and if you use your Bloomingdales card you will get an extra 15% off. Total savings is about 65% on many items.

Saks: The designer sale started on December 7 with a 30% discount on shoes and items for men. Women’s clothing was 40% off. Although the discount isn’t stellar, there is a nice assortment of discount Chanel shoes. Of all the department stores, Saks is usually the most aggressive with its markdowns. The slowdown in reductions is likely a good sign for shareholders.


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