In Stock: Louis Vuitton Monogram

December 9, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Spies report that the Louis Vuitton boutique inside Saks Fifth Avenue has received a hefty shipment of monogram items today. Louis Vuitton has been sold out of most style bags with the iconic logo since mid-summer.

“This is the largest shipment we have received in a very long time,” a sales associate commented. This shipment comes just in time to fill the needs of logo-hungry holiday shoppers. If you have your heart set on an iPad case though, you might be waiting until Spring. We hear that there were only three in the shipment and the wait list is long and growing.

One has to wonder how commission earning sales people are dealing with the Vuitton drought. For sport, we used to go to Vuitton boutiques and ask for several known sold out products. The game quickly grew old and the employee’s desperation changed the tone of the joke.

For the sake of holiday shoppers and Vuitton employees, we just hope that more inventory continues to stock the shelves. For some suburban teenagers, nothing else but a LV logo will do.


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