Gift Ideas: Rimowa Luggage

December 7, 2010 by Lila Delilah

We’ve already covered a few gift ideas for the ladies and girls but we know it’s always most difficult to buy men a gift. Considering his jet-set lifestyle, Mr. Madison shouldn’t be without a Rimowa. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t be shy.

Forget about a Vuitton wheely, the Rimowa is the only way to travel. Its polycarbonate body is light yet durable. The 365-degree rotating wheels are smoother than a shot of Johnny Walker Blue. As a matter of fact, we joke that this bag could not be pushed more easily even if it were operated by remote control. Oh, did we mention the wonderful color assortment? Totally stylish.

Bags range in price from about $550 to $1000, depending on size and color and are available at Barneys. It’s not easy to find these puppies on sale, even online. We suggest checking with local luggage retailers for subtile discounts or stalking a nearby boutique a color-way closeout. Click here for a list of Rimowa dealers.


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