Gift Idea: Zara Bag

December 20, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Sometimes we fall guilty in getting caught up with the newest trend or trying to run so far ahead of the curve that we end up with some very bazar purchases. There is never time for buyers remorse but there is always something to buy to make up for the miscalculation.

This season, I made the mistake of spending way too much money on a bag that was a bit too trendy and too heavy to carry. Frankly, a purse is meant to carry a few key belongings not to build muscle in your forearm. It only occurred to me that I made apurchase mistake when I subconsciously found myself abandoning my purse at a local Gap. My next mission was to find a practical and inexpensive replacement.

Unexpectedly, this Zara bag appeared as if a message from the gods of practicality. It’s just $109.90 and light! It has a stylish look that could be related to the Givanchy bag collection or maybe Balenciaga. Who knows? The bottom line is that the leather is very nice and did I mention it’s light? Just be mindful that this particular bag can only be found at the Zara on 59th Street & Lexington Avenue.

We call this the perfect item for the sometimes impractical woman you love. Click here to see our growing list of gift ideas.


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