Gift Idea: Japanese Mooncakes

December 17, 2010 by Lila Delilah

We’re going to be blunt: bringing your hostess flowers is thoughtful but a huge pain. Who wants to worry about pulling a vase, cutting flowers and arranging them while your guests are arriving?A bottle of wine is thoughtful too but by the time guests arrive the host has likely taken care of buying spirits.

We think it is more considerate and creative to bring your host or hostess a small token of appreciation. A cookbook, chocolates or a small kitchen accessory is always a nice consideration. But the mooncakes from Japanese bakery, Minamoto Kitchoan is more like an ace up the sleeve.

This traditional confectionery is like the Tiffany’s of Japanese sweet delicacies. Every item is painstaking assembled and handled like a rare gem. The bakery’s speciality is wagashi, or handmade intricate sweets made with mochi, azuki red bean paste and fruit. These sweets are traditionally used at Japanese tea ceremonies but are just as cherished as a gift.

What’s even better is that the store is located almost directly across the street from Saks Fifth Avenue! Shoes for me, mooncakes for you!

Minamoto Kitchoan
608 5th Avenue (The entrance is on 49th off of Fifth)


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