Ralph Lauren’s 4D Explosion

November 11, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Wednesday night, Ralph Lauren fans were treated to a wonderful 4-D light show presentation in honor of the tenth anniversary of RalphLauren.com and the launch of the UK version. Using architectural video mapping technology, the façade of the new woman’s store was illuminated with larger-than-life models, polo players four stories tall, and iconic accessories.

(The video kicks off at about 56 seconds)

Ralph Lauren has a long history of integrating technology into its brand. When Polo.com was launched, it uniquely included magazine-type editorial and pictures along with e-commerce. It was the architecture of the site and the multiple listing categories, like resort or purple label, that made the site truly groundbreaking in 2000. (These were the days of 56K modems, my dears.)

More recently, Ralph Lauren added touch-display technology to his store’s windows. Customers who arrived at the boutique could literally window shop through an interactive display that lets passersby browse and order outfits by tapping on the storefront glass.

We don’t know how this 4-D technology can be applied to future business applications but for now, we are simply happy being wowed!


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