No Presale at Prada!!!

November 17, 2010 by Hayley Corwick

We have received news of the most shocking sort: Prada will no longer allow presales! Yes, you read correctly. Several sales people have confirmed that the company’s Italian headquarters had decided to do away with the long standing tradition. In fact, employees have been warned that if they do take presale orders their employment will be terminated immediately.

Crazy, huh? Did Prada ever strike you as a democratic shopping emporium? Maybe it’s Miuccia’s old communist ways coming back.

Employees are not happy with the policy change… and neither are customers. In place of presale, sales associates are working with client’s one-on-one and making “wish lists.” A sales person told us that she would try prioritize our order, if we left an card imprint and a signature on file. Seems pretty similar to presale to us.

The sale officially starts December 1. Good luck to all those competitive shoppers.

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