Maxfield: One Point for LA

November 1, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Trying to shop outside of New York is always an obstacle. The stores are usually the same in almost every high-end neighborhood though out the world. From Madison Avenue to Via Monte Napoleone, you will find Prada, YSL, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Dior. It’s all a big yawn after a while.

During our time in Los Angeles, we made it our mission to find three distinct stores that would cause us to reevaluate our New York shopping supremacy. Kitson reminded us of a more moderately priced Scoop and Fred Segal completely failed to inspire.

It wasn’t easy but we think we found one store to satiate even the most decerning Madison Avenue shopper. If visiting LA, don’t miss Maxfield.

When we were trying to think of a unique shopping experience we kept asking friends for the Jeffery of LA. Most people didn’t understand the criteria we were establishing, but one shopping sage insisted that we visit Maxfield. Boy was he right, we could live in Maxfield.

This architecturally distint structure is in a shopping league of its own. Lets put it this way, Jeffery dreams of Maxfield. It’s the chicest of chic but with a twist of goth. It’s beauty without being prissy. It’s irreverent without pretense. Besides for the amazing vintage Hermes, Chanel and Cartier accessories, the ready-to-wear selection is interesting and unique.

We’ve reviewed the present Chanel clothing collection 100 times but Maxfield still had several pieces we have never seen. Balmain? The most complete assortment we’ve ever seen. In addition to the most talked about brands, you can find clothing from off the radar grid labels like Roland Mourent, Mastermind Japan and Carol Christian Poell.

One warning, be sure to look at the price tag before pulling out the credit card. Many items throughout the store are in the mid-five digit range. As expected, sales do occasionally occur but are very hush hush. A good relationship with a sales person is key!

Maxfield LA
8825 Melrose Ave


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