In the Spotlight: Courtney Love

November 12, 2010 by Hayley Corwick

Courtney Love has been the celebrity of the week. The front page of Sunday Styles was dedicated to uncovering the topsy-turvy world of the sensational persona. Later in the week, we spotted an entire E! segment on Courtney’s fashion metamorphosis. More recently. she won an auction for tea with Adrien Brody‎ for a mere $17,000.

Just last month, we had the chance to meet the actress/singer/comedian at an amfAR benefit, in LA. She was surprisingly gracious and sociable. (We think even Adrien Brody was taken with Courtney as they sat together at this event.) She almost seems like the crazy aunt you love to death but everyone else in the family rolls their eyes at her throughout the Thanksgiving meal.

We happened to shoot some video of her performance covering Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. At first we wanted to cover our ears and hide under the table but upon second glance we found her performance to be quite amusing. Our favorite part is when she goes to pull up her strapless dress and for a moment it seems as if it might come off altogether.

Let us know what you think. (Can you tell we just learned how to upload videos to YouTube?!)


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