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October 14, 2010 by Lila Delilah

There are only select people you can trust when consulting about the most important things in life—love and money. Hundreds of women have turned to Missy, from DivorceYourJewels.com, for guidance on both.

Missy is able to personally help her customers unearth the hidden treasures within their belongings. Just last month, a Wall Street powerhouse called DivorceYourJewels.com about an unworn 12-carat diamond, which she had tucked in her safe for decades. It was time to unbury the treasure. Missy was able to immediately generate certified papers for the stone and hand the New York mogul cash.

Missy says, “It was kind of like buying a house.” We can just imagine the near flawless stone, making its way around the world. Most likely the new owner will reinvent the valuable jewel into a pendant that can be worn and enjoyed. Could you imagine such a gem being locked away for that long?

If you take a moment to think, we are confident you can unearth treasures of your own. If you’re not enjoying an item, what’s the purpose in holding on? DivorceYourJewels.com is right there to guide you.

With gold hitting over $1,300 an ounce, a broken chain can translate into a Botox renewal. The vintage Kieselstein, which you haven’t worn since you broke up with your ex, could afford you a wonderful winter vacation to St. Barths. Are your studs feeling kind of small? Cash out and move on.

Unearthing treasures with DivorceYourJewels.com is easy, quick and always safe. Why wait?

Missy Schorr

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