Chanel: Another Price Increase

October 18, 2010 by Hayley Corwick

This summer, Madison Avenue Spy was the first publication to report that Chanel would be raising their prices 20% to 30% on classic handbags. Chanel customers were shocked and reminiscent of the days when bags were a mere grand. Now we hear that the cost of some Chanel bags are about to get another price hike.

A Chanel employee says, the classic Jumbo and Maxi sized bags are about to get a redesign, which will include an extra flap. The cost of the extra leather will set customers back about $300 on the Jumbo sized bag. The price of this popular bag is currently $3700 and is expected to jump to $4000. The price of the Maxi bag is still unknown.

A $300 increase may not seem earth shattering but consider this: With tax, the Classic Jumbo will cost a total of $4,355! That’s about the same price as one month’s rent for junior four on the Upper East Side.

The sales increase will not be immediate. The new design will be available as part of Chanel’s cruise collection, which will be in stores in November/December. This means that you will still be able to get the old style, and old price until about February.

So, Jumbo Caviar or junior four, you decide.


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