Scoring Luxury for 90% Off

September 28, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Scouring the globe for the chance to spend more than $1000 on a sold out Louis Vuitton Alma kind of seems absurd. But how about if you can score this hard-to-get bag for 90% off? Oh yes, you read correctly!

No, we’re not talking about eBay, where you’re lucky to spend full price and not get a fake. Penny auctions are where the real deals are found today. Take as a prime example. is a high-end penny auction, which allows you to buy bids and score great luxury items for a fraction of their retail price.

What’s even better is that all the items on the site are purchased directly from the retailer and are guaranteed authentic and brand new. Last week, for example, a $1000 gift certificate to Tiffany sold for just $19.88 and a $2400 Gucci bag sold for just 84-cents! Could you believe?

Yes, it may cost $99 to buy 100 bids, but you’re ahead over $600 if you win the Chanel wallet for $200. A Chanel wallet for a total of $300 is a score in our book. How about yours?

Check out to find great deals on amazing luxury items.

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