The Plaza Shops On Sale

September 28, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Today, we took advantage of the rain and spent time exploring the Shops at The Plaza Hotel. The whole ambiance is a bit hard to describe– lots of lovely things with very large price tags along with a dash of pretence.

It’s almost as if the Plaza shopping area was created for a scene from Pretty Woman. “Oh my, I’m staying at the Plaza but failed to pack a single item. I must go downstairs and shop.” Or this could be where Cinderella’s godmother hides her gowns. “A ball tonight? We have gowns galore!”

We didn’t encounter another shopper during our entire tour, which lasted a good two hours. The economics just don’t make sense. We knew it was only a matter of time until we found some good discounts.

The first was Emanuel Ungaro, where spring/summer 2010 merchandise is still occupying half the retail space. At 50% off, prices were still a bit high. We found a very chic day-dress reduced to $1400 from $2800. When we didn’t see what we wanted, a sales lady was able to dig up gowns from two years ago. Isn’t that considered vintage?

Next on sale was Francesco Fino, which seems to be the resident bridal store. You know, when you plan your wedding at the Plaza, you need to buy your gown there too?! All jests aside, the gowns in this boutique were exquisite. The fabrics and tailoring are not easily found these days.

The discount on these true couture gowns ranged from 50% to 80% off. A magnificently draped gown in a green and red print was 80% off, $2240 from $11,200. A less ornate strapless cocktail dress was 60% off or $3600 from $9000. A more basic but very stylish gown was 50% off or $1780 from $3500.

There were no sales to be found at the Eloise store, but we must admit that the experience was priceless. We couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable morning spent trying on costumes, playing tea party and relaxing in the music room. Everyone, including the tiniest Spy agreed that this is one of New York’s top children’s destinations. At the very least, it was the perfect rainy day activity!


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