Fashion Week: Whitney Eve

September 13, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Whitney Port, from MTV’s The City, debuted her fashion line, Whitney Eve this weekend. In the spirit of reality TV we thought it would be great to channel Joe Zee for our review. So, what would Joe Zee say? The collection was flirty, cute and very wearable but Whitney’s fashion point of view is still not very strong. Whitney, we loved the collection but we are still waiting to see your signature.

Whitney Eve Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Girly girls with a fashion flair.

Why buy: Ruffles always win your heart but the urban twist makes each look feel ultra cool but comfortable.

What to buy: We especially liked items featuring Whitney’s zig-zag print.

Bypass: Whitney Port is the MTV reality generation. So the styling might not be right for those who were part of the VH1 generation, when there was a VH1 generation.

Overall contribution to fashion: There is nothing not to love about this collection. It’s sweet and very wearable. To Naysayers: How many albums did Miley Cyrus sell as Hannah Montana?


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