Fashion Week: Gottex

September 17, 2010 by Lila Delilah

One of the problems with fashion is that so many of the runway styles never make it to stores. How much would you love to wear a jeweled encrusted bathing suit? Chances are you will never see most of Gottex’s looks at your local Saks, and that’s unfortunate.

Gottex created a stunning collection of jeweled swim suits and cover-ups in dazzling shades of green, navy and black. Wearing one of these numbers would definitely get heads spinning at your local beach club. Just be sure to stay out of the water.

Gottex Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Those who lounge on the decks of yachts docked in St. Barths.

Why buy: Looking great around the pool is paramount to swimming.

What to buy: Dazzling navy suits.

Bypass: Getups where there are too many ties and strings.


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