Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

September 15, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Carolina Herrera’s spring collection was a twist of east-meets-west as she tells the tale of being inspired by Korean evening wear. When novice designers attempt to make similar fusions, the result is often costume-like and awkward. This was certainly not the case with Carolina’s masterful talents. The gowns and dresses were as exquisite as one would expect but the twist in details made each design all the more interesting.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Simple, stylish, elegance

Why buy: If you see enough evening dresses they sometimes start all looking similar. This collection has s distinct spin on classic elegance.

What to buy: Gowns with sweet cherry blossom embroidery

Bypass: One or two items were a bit more Eastern influenced than necessary.

Overall contribution to fashion: The fusion of designs was as wonderful as dinner at Indochine.


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