Fall’s Most Wanted

September 7, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Now that Labor Day is behind us we are able to get down to the serious business of shopping. Last month, we asked readers to send us their most wanted items of the season and we vowed to track their prices. After sifting through hundreds of items, we settled on just ten of the most popular and stylish.

Below are our readers’ most wanted items and a brief Madison Avenue Spy price prediction:

1. Chloe Elsie Large Satchel $1395

Mad-Spy: The Saks friends and family, which usually takes place in early October, will be your first opportunity to grab this bag at 25% off.

2. Givenchy Nightingale $1900-$2300

Mad-Spy: Not many stores carry Givenchy, so trying to find a discount on this popular style may be difficult, but not impossible. We’ll be sure to keep a keen eye out for unexpected discounts.

3. Missoni Sweater Coat $2160

Mad-Spy: Apples, cool weather and Missoni sweater coats are some of our favorite things about Fall. This particular coat has amazing colors and will look just as chic 30-years from now. Missoni is always the first store on Madison to markdown their merchandise. We expect this coat and similar styles to go to 40% off in Mid-November.

4. Cesare Paciotti heels $500-$600

Mad-Spy: Almost anyone will admit that Louboutins are a bit overplayed. Why not step out in something a bit different? There is a wonderful Paciotti boutique on Madison, which we will have to keep an eye on, but you can score some great Cesare Paciotti discounts right now on Yoox.com.

Mad-Spy: Burberry has so many sales that we tend to ignore many of them. Usually, the first markdown is the “private sale,” which is about 30%.

Mad-Spy: It’s already reduced to $528. We say the dress will be $440 by November.

7. Oscar de la Renta Rectangular Bead Bib Necklace $490

Mad-Spy: No sweat. You should be able to get your bib for at least 50% off.

Mad-Spy: If our readers are any indication, this bag is the hottest bag for the season. Mad-Spy: A good friends and family sale should save you 25%, but the Alexander Wang sample sale is where you will really find the deals. We were told that there was only one Darcy at the past sale. So it might pay to make friends with an AW employee.

9. Alexander Wang Boots $895

Mad-Spy: Friends, this is how you spell love. Just note that the fit is a little off but sometimes love hurts.

10. Bottega Veneta Men’s Bitter Calf Boots $1250

Mad-Spy: You knew we couldn’t leave out the men. Bottega isn’t very good at discounting their bags, but shoes and RTW are a breeze. We bet you can snag these at 50% off in December.


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