Retail Therapy: Melissa Meyers

July 29, 2010 by Lila Delilah

When it comes to shopping there are professionals and then there are those who are professionally obsessed. Yes, that would be us bloggers. For the remainder of the Summer we are turning the spotlight on our own and clawing our way into the shopping psychology of our favorite bloggers.

First up is Melissa Meyers. She is well known for her website/newsletter, AskMelissa where she highlighted the best of New York: hairstylists, trainers and stylists. Most recently, Melissa launched PageDaily, a shopping and lifestyle online magazine, which combines e-commerce.

In addition, Melissa often appears on NBC and LXTV, she writes for Hamptons magazine and is often spotted at awesome sales. Below are her shopping secrets. Let us know what you think.

What’s your most prized deal?
I just purchased a Halston collection gold and silver sequined mini dress for $300 at the recent sample sale (yes, from Madison Avenue Spy). it originally sold for $3000! [editorial note: we promise, this was unsolicited but totally true.]

Biggest regret that you didn’t purchase?
An Hermes Birken bag 10-years-ago, when they were thousands of dollars less.

This season you are looking for…
This season looking for accessories galore…I love layering chunky necklaces at varying lengths, cuffs and huge cocktail rings. J. Crew has come out with a killer line. Chanel always has great costume jewelry at prices below what you would expect.

What’s your number one shopping tip?
Develop a relationship with a salesperson at your favorite department store or boutique and have them notify you the day before their sale runs so you have first dibs on the merchandise.

What’s your biggest weakness?
Christian Louboutin shoes.

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
I always mind! But…I do pay full price for the one handbag a year that I can’t live without.


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