Summer Roundup Part 2

June 9, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Summer shoppers are being presented a with a similar dilemma: Is it better to hit a department store or shop at the boutique. We already established that most Madison Avenue boutiques have reduced prices 40% but now it’s time to do a price comparison with our local department stores.

Shoes and most ready-to-wear is 40% off. As far as we know, Barneys is the only store that marked down YSL’s Tribute heels. There is also a great selection of Louboutins. The pre-sale started May 25th but there is still a good selection of merchandise.

Bergdorf Goodman
Bags and shoes are 30% off. Most ready-to-wear is 40% off. For the first time, we have heard that Bergdorf customers have been offered price matches and adjustments on prior purchases. This is a departure from their usual irreverent pricing philosophy.

Clothing, bags and shoes are 30% off. If you are looking for Chanel sandals, this is the place to shop. Plenty of styles have been marked down. Of course, that excludes the gummies. Be on the look out for additional discounts. During the Memorial weekend all sale merchandise was an extra 20% off. Bloomies can be tricky like that.

Shoes are a straight 30% off. Clothing and many handbag styles are 40% off. Presale started May 27th and we expect that another markdown is coming soon.


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