Retail Therapy: Eva Chen

June 24, 2010 by Lila Delilah

When Eva Chen suggests you jump on a bottle Chanel’s Paradoxal — a shimmery-purpley-grey nail polish — you should probably listen because it is sure to sell out before you even see it at the counter. As Teen Vogue’s beauty director, Eva knows her products and can spot a trend two seasons away.

Eva is full of knowledge. She knows everything there is to know about Justin Bieber’s hair, where to get the perfect manicure and almost anything and everything there is to know about mascara and lipgloss. As a Vogue girl, Eva knows a whole lot about fashion and shopping too.

Oh, Eva only owns one pair of “practical” flats and can find vintage Givenchy in Paris. Now, this is a language we can all understand. What do you think?

What’s your most prized deal?
I found an amazing vintage Givenchy dress from the 80s in Paris last year (200 euros). it was perfect during the Balmain shoulderpad revival. It’s beyond amazing. So amazing, in fact, that it’s hanging in my closet just for me to look at and coo at. I haven’t worn it yet! I also find the best and yummiest fur coats in Palm Springs for nothing!

Biggest regret that you didn’t purchase?
When I was 20, my mother took me on a shopping excursion to Milan. We got in a spat about something silly. I think it was about the length of my hair. Anyway, we were at the Prada store in the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele –the first Prada store ever!– and I remember looking at an amazing pair of platform heels. They were spindly and yet chunky at once. My mom told me to try them on and I, out of spite (!), refused. Those shoes still haunt me in my dreams. Besides that, for better or for my credit card’s worse, generally I buy what I want. I really have shockingly little impulse control. Scientists should study me.

This season you are looking for…
I’ve been bejeweled, studded, and spangled for the last two seasons. For fall, I’m looking for cleaner lines and a simpler aesthetic, paired with slightly offbeat accessories. There’s a pair of studded Miu Miu penny loafers that I’m dying over, and I’m on the list for the Burberry shearling booties, yum!

What’s your number one shopping tip?
Make friends with salespeople, ask about private sales/pre-sales, and take the time to comparison shop! Wait, that’s three tips! Also, if you LOVE something when you see it, buy it. Take it home, try it on in front of your own mirror (those angled mirrors are so tricky), and you can always return it if you change your mind. Shopping isn’t always easy…

What’s your biggest weakness?
Shoes, without a doubt! The less practical, the better. The other day, I was looking through my closet for a pair of “practical” shoes to take on a walking-heavy vacation with me. I found exactly one pair of Repetto flats.

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
Skincare. Having clear and even skin is the ultimate luxury!


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