Hot Activewear Sale

June 11, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Summer is upon us and getting in shape is a crucial factor in looking good in all your new swimsuits. But running the reservoir or hitting your local gym definitely isn’t as motivating as another trip to Crumbs. Perhaps a new outfit can put you in the right mood.

Our usual workout motivation is Lululemon but at some point you have to question the validity of $100 workout pants. Isn’t the money better used on a trainer? That’s why we were so glad to meet HiEnergy’s Stella, who sells some of the best activewear brands at near wholesale prices.

Ever hear of Bluefish and Bia Brazil? Tiffany, your LA doppelganger with the six-pack swears by them. Worried about shrinking or fading? (We’re talking about the cloths not your waistline.) Stella guarantees every item she sells.

For one day, Stella is setting up shop in the Empire State Building and selling activewear at near wholesale prices. So suit up and set a goal and even if you don’t get Tiffany’s six-pack you can be thankful for your New York brains, which will save you a bundle.

HiEnergy Sale
Tuesday, June 15
8:30am to 6:30pm
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Ave, Suite 5005
No Credit Cards

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