Erin’s Sole Searching

June 10, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Our Summer intern and all-round hot stuff stylist, Erin Jeen did the rounds of all the important shoe departments and here is her report:

Berfdorf Goodman
Bergdorf began their 30% off shoe sale this week and the 2nd floor was madness. There are tons of glitter Louboutins, (retail $795) and glitter Miu Miu’s. There was a plentiful amount of Balmain shoes. And oddly, there were a bunch of Chanel sandals and flats. They will further increase the discount soon, but I would check it out if you want to get your hands on the discounted Chanels.

Saks Fifth Avenue:
Saks had some classic Louboutins on sale, and even more Chanel sandals and sneakers than Bergdorfs. They had a few good odd ball brands thrown in the mix–Givenchy sandals, YSL Tributes– and if you are lucky enough to be the size of the shoe, you have won the prize.

About 3/4 of the shoes I own were purchased at Barneys. I value their sale selection every season. Right now the discount is 40%, but soon they will take another 33% off. They have tons of Miu Miu clogs and mary janes. On the second sale day they had YSL Tribtoos, now there is only size 40.5. There are also a few Ann Demeulemeester sandals. Chanels were also abundant. There are lots of Lanvin flats and heels. I am holding off for the further reduction of 33%, but I would check it out!


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