David Evangelista’s Oprah Audition

June 28, 2010 by Lila Delilah

We all know that Oprah has ended her legendary talk show and is moving on to dominating her own network. Producing a show is one thing but programing an entire network with original and thoughtful content is another. So in classic Oprah style, she’s hosting an online audition contest called, Your Own Show.

Of course, there is a mom cooking with her kids, a woman pitching a show about leaving a legacy, and a former pro-wrestler who wants to inspire others to open doors to a new life. But it was famed hair stylist, David Evangelista’s audition that really caught our attention. We were so excited to get great style hints and beauty suggestions but all we got was a jar of narcissism.

In his 2:20min segment, David pitches a marriage between a traditional talk show format with his knowledge of beauty and fashion to create an “hour extraaaavaganza.” David also explains that he knows how to be a great host but never describes the format of his dream show or how it would be unique.

“A great host is someone who can listen, someone who can take themselves out of the studio and put themselves on the couch with the viewer at home.” He later continues, “I’m a Sagatarieous. We have the gift of gab. We don’t shut up. Trust me, we keep on going and going and going.”

No kidding, but please don’t.

We’ll give you one of those big beauty bear hugs if you bring back the David Evangelista we are used to seeing on CBS.


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