Devi Kroell 90% Off

May 5, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Yesterday we came across a blip about a Devi Kroell sample sale. Before we got too excited, however, we thought we would check it out in person. We know right away that we had struck gold from the very “editorial-looking” crowed.

(Que: Get excited music.) Oh, it was good!

Devi Kroell is mainly known for her bright exotic skin bags and there was a great assortment but they are going fast. Metallic python hobos are normally about $3,000 but are marked down to $800. Large messenger bags were $200 and were orange-tone day bags were just $250.

Devi’s shoes are wonderful because they are a bit out of the norm but usually range in price from $500 to $1200 but are marked down to $50 to $200. Snake skin wedges were $695 marked to $100 and more ornate exotic skin heels were priced at about $150. As a matter of fact, most of the shoe and boot selection fell in the $150 category. Some flat sides were just $50.

If you’re looking for really amazing deals, you will find them in the ready-to-wear section. Most of the pieces were from fall 2009 and are very close 90% off. We found a magenta cocktail dress that was $1800 marked to $200, a brushed denim tuxedo jacket was about $2,000 but reduced to $150 and many blouses (retail price unknown) were discounted to $50 to $100.

Whatever you do, don’t skip the production sample rack. Everything on it is just $50! We found bubble skirts, silk blouses and amazingly tailored dresses. One caveat. Since they are production samples most everything is a size two or four.

It even gets better (this is starting to feel like an infomercial, right?) if you look down from the sample sale rack there there is a $10 bin where anyone with a bit of an imagination and a good tailor can walk away with a hidden treasure for less than a cost of a salad.

Bags and shoes are going very quickly. ( We saw one woman leave with six hobos!) The sale runs until 7pm tonight and then starts up again at 8:30am tomorrow. There will be no replenishments, so now is the time to go.

Devi Kroell Sample Sale
Wed., May 5 and Thur., May 6
8:30am to 7pm
55 Fifth Ave (b/w 12th and 13th Sts), 17th floor


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